Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday baking and trading

Last weekend Barb and I made Pizzelles, and I can't show a picture of them cause they're all gone... but, Kimi and I made noodles on Sunday and she brought me the most beautiful gingerbread barn and alpacas. All of it it edible and so cute. I took it to work to show off and will bring it home again after the holidays.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Favorite Holiday foods that I bake

I love to cook and bake. Unfortunately it shows! My favorite foods incluede the holiday candy and cookies I make for my family and friends, and I always do a batch of pizzelles for everyone.I love them cause they are something my mom made my whole life, and also cause they are differnt . Not too sweet and not too heavy.
I want to bake up a batch before thanksgiving this year... maybe do that this weekend.

What seasonal knitting projects are you looking forward to”

Well, I've been slack on alot of my knitting lately. I have still been recouping, so have not done alot, picked up the Adult Surprise Jacket again, so probably finishing that. I had done a bunch of baby jackets before the surgery sooo, now I have to sew up seams and embellish them.